Sunday, September 09, 2018

Roles - reversed and maintained

In our relationship, I tend to be the one who is punctual. My guy is the tardy one.

Our roles got reversed today.

I left 1.5 hours before we were to meet at 13:30 for lunch. There was a ton of construction everywhere that I ended up needing an extra twenty minutes to get to the restaurant.

My guy called me just before 13:30.
"Hey, there. Where is the restaurant?" he asked me.
"When you get off the highway and travel south, you are turning right, and then right into the parking lot," I pointed out.
"Cool. I'm nearly there," he advised.
"I'm not. It's pretty bad on the roads,"  I replied.
"It's okay. Take your time," he said.
My guy rarely worries. However, he was concerned when he still didn't see me. I had pulled into the parking lot when he was leaving me a voice message.
"I didn't want to think that you were in a car accident or something," he said.
"I'm okay. It's just horrible road work and traffic today," I replied.
We had forty minutes to eat lunch, which was more than enough time for us to eat and chat.

My guy being directionally challenged and my giving him directions showed that we didn't change our roles there.


  1. good thing you made it in time to still have a good meal and conversation :)

    1. That's true! It was funny ditching him while I sat down and ate my lunch first. I'm a slow eater, so I thought that I'd get a head start. =)