Sunday, September 16, 2018

Chatting about food while driving home

It's a good thing that my guy and I didn't make plans after he got off the plane on Saturday. It sounds odd, but it'll make sense when I describe the whole ordeal.

His flight was delayed by half an hour. Ten other flights had arrived when his did. There was a huge lineup to do the customs declaration and even a longer time talking to a border official.

He called me at nearly 17:00. He should have been home by that time, but he had just picked up his car. We were both driving home, in the same direction, but our starting points were off by about 200 km.

Instead, we talked about food.
"I really love the powdered low-carb peanut butter that you got me. I love it. I took it with me on this trip," he said.
"I'm glad," I replied.
"I also got a beef shawarma wrap at the restaurant that we were at last weekend. It's so authentic and tasty," he said.
"I'm happy that you love the food there. It's my favourite shawarma place," I noted. "I can't find a decent one close to home."
"You may want to try Scarborough. There are a bunch of Middle Eastern places," he suggested.
"That makes sense. I'll check it out sometime," I replied.
We chatted for just under an hour, which was enough time for both of us to arrive home safely.

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