Thursday, September 06, 2018

Dreaming of a new cell phone as my current one needs a new battery

My cell phone contract will expire next month. We have two-year contracts in Canada.

I love my Google Pixel phone. The problem these days is that the battery does not hold a charge. Part of me wants to get a new battery and swap it out. The other part of me thinks that I can wait over a month to get a new phone.

It's exciting getting a brand new phone. My issue is whether to stick with Google Pixel or jump back to being an iPhone user.

The good news is that both companies will be showcasing their new phones before my contract expires, so I have time to compare and contrast.

In the meantime, it's sad that my phone needs to be constantly chained to a power source. Perhaps I will go ahead and get a new battery for it. It is a good phone.

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