Saturday, September 15, 2018

Cell phone options and battery replacement

Last weekend, I went to get my cell phone battery replaced. My phone is a month shy of being two years old. It hasn't been holding a charge well for a few months now.

After getting the battery replaced, my phone feels like it is brand new. It's nice to not charge it for the entire day and have its battery life rapidly deplete.

My guy is heading home. He has a OnePlus 2T phone and loves it. He has recommended my getting the OnePlus 6T phone when it's available.

I just read how much the new iPhone X phones are going for. Yikes! I feel like I'd be selling my soul getting one.

I am still interested in a Google Pixel 3 XL phone. I love my Google Pixel phone and feel like I'm ready to go with a larger screen. It simply depends on how much that phone is going for and how it feels in my hand.

It's crazy how expensive phones are getting. Maybe I should get an analog phone and call it good.

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