Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Being helpful and hinting a spanking

On Saturday, I drove my guy to the airport. It's nice when we hold hands and chat as we headed over there.

I parked by the curbside at the arrivals level.
"I'm going to get a cart. Don't touch any of my luggage," he said to me.
"I'll try not to. It's tough," I replied, which made him smile.
Sure enough, I couldn't resist but to take his computer rolling bag out of my car's trunk. I left his larger piece of luggage alone.

He came over with his cart and looked at me with a playful disappointed look on his face.
"You seem to have a problem within insisting on lifting my stuff out of the car," he said, putting his luggage on the cart.
"It was the smaller item. I was just being helpful," I said.
"I need to do something to you when I get back," he hinted.
"But, I'm your good girl," I replied.
"I need to punish you," he said, hugging me.
"We'll see. I haven't been spanked in a while," I noted.
"We'll change that," he said.
I went to kiss him. He leaned in and we locked lips. I love when we kiss. It's wonderful.


  1. oh the promise of a spanking. lovely. I'm noticing that you ALWAYS drag out his bag even tho he always tells you not to. That's a great way to earn yourself spanking every time! LOL.

    1. Great observation, Fondles! Yes, I enjoy planting the seed for an upcoming spanking. =)