Saturday, September 29, 2018

Missing my guy, getting a new phone, and reducing debt

One week from now, I'll be spending the Thanksgiving long weekend with my guy. I miss him tons these days.

We were both pretty busy this week. He gave an online course all week. I continued working with my students on various tasks. I feel less exhausted this week. However, I came home on Friday after work and took a nap. I rarely crash!

I decided to get a new Google Pixel 2 XL phone, which replaces my dead Google Pixel one. I have been debating waiting for the newer 3 XL model. With a contract, I would be forking over quite a ton of money for it. I only had to pay $200 down for this new phone and I get to keep my existing cell phone plan. I hope to get the phone sometime next week. It's being shipped to me for free and it's also free to activate the phone myself.

These days, I am continuing to reduce the number of credit cards that I have. It's not healthy having so many. I am getting around to having two. Baby steps.

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