Saturday, September 01, 2018

Farewell to an intern and hello to a pillow fight

Today was my intern's last day. It was nice that she loved the card that I had picked out for our entire team to sign. She also liked the gift that I had purchased on behalf of our team.

She isn't the sentimental, emotional type. She did manage to say that she was glad that I was her team lead and that I can vent to her at any time. All of her comments made my day and speak volumes about how much she enjoyed being with us.

I just realized that I am in training mode, either giving or receiving it, for at least a month. It's cool that both my guy and I are in this mode for a bit.

The other day, my guy teased me. It's fun being on a couch. I got a couch pillow and had a mini pillow fight with him. I like that we are both so playful. Pillow fights are fun.


  1. haha yes, pillowfights are fun! we don't have them often enough, but they sometimes end up in tickle fights and that really gets my heart pumping. I'm terribly ticklish!

    1. I'm highly ticklish, too. I can completely relate! Sometimes, when I don't laugh at his jokes, he will threaten to tickle me. I then threaten to break his fingers, so it's fair. =)