Friday, September 21, 2018

Periods, travel, and spankings

My guy and I chatted for a bit the other day. He is preparing to deliver an online course next week. I am on week five of being in training mode.

At this rate, I am losing track of how each week seems to be an extension of the next. What complicates matters is that my period is ridiculously accurate. A month ago, my period started while I was in Sweden. It's back 28 days later.

It's amazing that my menstrual cycle is extremely accurate to predict these days. I thank losing sixty pounds and keeping it off for regulating my hormones. It was a mystery when I was a young woman.

My guy often jokes that I tend to get my period when I am travelling. He's about 80% correct. Weird!

I am glad that I have one more workday left. It has been a rough week. I am exhausted and need sleep.

Last night, I had difficulties falling asleep. I was too horny thinking about my guy. I wanted him next to me. I wanted him to cuddle up next to me. I wanted him to spank me hard, regardless of whether I had done something wrong or was good.

October can't come soon enough.

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