Friday, September 05, 2014

Spanking after fun creates even more fun

On Labour Day, in the treehouse, my guy and I had quality time. At one stage, my guy asked me to lie on my back. I was playfully being a disobedient little girl.
"No!" I exclaimed.
"Lie on your back!" my guy commanded, playing the stern mean guy in this scenario.
"No, I don't want to."
"I'm going to have to spank you," he threatened.
"You're just all talk," I said back to him.
He smacked the right side of my hip a couple of times. Eventually, he pulled me away from being in a sitting position and played with me until I came.

I reciprocated by giving my guy a handjob with my bare leg rubbing against his balls. It was strange that about twenty geese came towards my car before they waddled off.

We were dopey, relaxed, and content afterwards, cuddling up next to each other. My guy then complained about the air conditioning in the car. He gets cold easily. I am the complete reverse. He went to turn the air conditioning down.
"Hey, it's my car. You can't do that!" I said to him.
"Sure, I can. I'm cold!" he exclaimed.
"I should kick you out of my car," I said to him.
"You need a stern spanking," he replied.
"You're too dopey to spank me," I pointed out.
"You're right," he agreed. "But, I can spank you with that wooden ruler that you have in your car."
I stretched over to the glove compartment of my car to get the wooden ruler. I gave it to him.
"Assume the position," he said to me. 
My position? I wasn't the backseat of my car, kneeling away from him, with my skirted backside facing him.

He first smacked me with my skirt covering my bottom. After several slaps, he lifted my skirt up and continued my punishment over my lacy black panties.

He pulled my panties down, exposing my bare butt.
"You can't do that!" I protested, and pulled them back up.
My guy lightly tapped my left hand, making me put it away from protecting my backside. He pulled my panties down to my knees and slapped my bare buttocks often, hard, and in the same location. He commented on how red my buttocks were.

Towards the end of my spanking, he was singing and slapping away to the song. At one point, we looked at each other and burst out laughing. It was great having a sore bottom and a good laugh.

He held me. He managed to snap some pictures of the damage. They turned out nicely.
"You had [that spanking] coming," he said as he held me in his arms.
It truly feels like summer, although Labour Day has arrived.
This post is a part of Summer Spanks: Last Flings or Lessons Learned. I am offering a $25 CAD Starbucks gift card, so please comment away!


  1. OK, what is your secret, girl. How do you find so much time to go to the tree house?! This sounds like delicious fun!

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  3. Well done, girl with the naughty name. A ruler in your car huh? Just in case. Be prepared.
    Wonderful post, as always,


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  6. Such a fun snippet!

  7. Fun and sweet. Love the geese. Isn't it odd how animals behave sometimes?

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  10. Famous last words, "You can't do that!"

  11. so fun!
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