Monday, May 30, 2016

Two phone calls to a good girl

It has been a while since my guy and I spoke over the phone. I can tell when he misses me. He doesn't have to blatantly state it. His calls say so much.

He called me after he had touched down, while he was waiting to go through security. We talked from that point to the baggage carousel where he picked up his luggage.
"Is that really you?" I answered his call.
"Yes," he replied. "You're on the road, as usual."
"I just left home to get a drink at Starbucks," I replied.
"That's so you," he said.
We chatted for a bit. It was nice to catch up. He was between flights. He flew in from Istanbul and he was off to some place in Mexico. I told him to get some rest, as it was a pretty long travel day for him.

Just before 20:00, he called me again.
"You must be on the plane," I replied.
"Yes, I am. I decided to call you to see how you're doing," he said.
"You're sweet. I hope that you can get some sleep on the plane," I stated.
"I will do my best."
I told him a brief story about being in Anaheim and how the Starbucks at the hotel that I was staying at was more a resort cafe. In other words, it charged more for everything and did not honour any Starbucks rewards.
"See, you must admit that it was a ripoff there," he teased me.
"It was. It's like when you tell me to admit that your jokes are funny and clever. Now, I need to admit that the products at that Starbucks were overpriced," I replied.
"Yes, you must admit all of that," he said, probably grinning.
"I admit that I am a good girl," I replied.
"That's one thing that you can't admit because it's untrue," he told me.
"You're still Mr. Meanie!" I exclaimed, with a slight whiny tone in my voice.
"Nothing has changed. I'm still Mr. Meanie," he stated.
"I'm glad."
At around 20:10, the announcement to turn off your cell phone happened on his flight. I wished him a safe flight and lots of sleep.

I miss him, but much less after speaking to him twice in a day.


  1. sweet to get to chat with him twice in one day, CB. How long before he comes home? Oh and BTW, Starbucks is way overpriced...of course what do I know...I don't like coffee. LOL

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. He's back home in less than two weeks. Fortunately, this week seems to be breezing by!

      I don't drink coffee, either. I tend to stick with iced and hot tea beverages at Starbucks.

  2. I'm a starbucks gal myself. but i do agree, it's overpriced! Once a week for me, not a daily indulgence.

    Glad you got to hear his voice and twice in one day! I'm sure it put a huge smile on your face!

    1. Yep, it's overpriced, but I am a Starbucks girl. It's a nice treat to get a beverage or yummy food item.

      Yes, I was happy for the rest of Sunday and more. =)

  3. That is so cute :) Starbucks over here is, I think, astronomically more expensive than in the US.... only American tourists are willing to pay the prices... they do have the best hot chocolate in the country though...

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mala!

      Ooh, I love hot chocolate! It's another weakness that I have. =)