Sunday, May 01, 2016

My guy is back!

My guy's flight was scheduled to land at 18:30 on Saturday. I got a call from him at 18:05.
"Hey! Your flight must be early," I said to him.
"Yes, I just landed," he said, with a tone in his voice implying that he was happy to hear my voice.
"Oh, no! I'm not at the office yet," I indicated to him.
"It sounds like you're driving. Take your time, sweetie," he told me.
"Okay! I'll see you soon, sweetie."
It's a good thing that I am a pretty punctual person. I managed to get there before he did. He walked over to my car and opened the passenger-side door.
"Hey!" I exclaimed.
"Hey," he replied. I reached out to hold his hand.
"You're woolly!" I replied, admiring his maroon wool sweater under his jacket.
"Yes, I am. I see that you are wearing a skirt... or are they shorts?" he asked me.
"It's a skirt," I said.
We got into the backseat, which would be the first time that we are truly christening the new treehouse.

My guy handed me a bag of goodies:

  • From Budapest, he got me a boomerang. I will obviously need to try it outdoors. 
  • From Ireland, he got me a Shaun the Sheep plush toy and a doorplate with my name. He thought that the former would be perfect for me to cuddle with. The doorplate is nice, as it has Ireland on it. 
  • From Cairo, he bought me more Egyptian Turkish delight, which looks like a dong, but it's really fresh walnuts with Turkish delight wrapped around it.

My guy is sweet. We spent a bit of time hugging and kissing before my spanking.


  1. Ooh...what lovely gifts and a sweet reunion. So happy for you, CB! :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat! We were thrilled to see each other on Saturday. =)