Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Bad girl gets a spanking with a wooden ruler

My guy and I were cuddling in the treehouse.
"You were a good girl yesterday. Today, you are back to being a bad girl," he softly said to me.
"But, we were talking less than 24 hours ago. I am technically still a good girl," I reasoned.
"Yesterday, you were a good girl. It's today. You are a bad girl. I have to spank you," he insisted.
"No, you don't," I said.
"Where is your wooden ruler?" he asked me.
"It's in the glove compartment. You don't have to get it," I said, hugging him around his waist as if I didn't want him to get it.
"I have to," he told me.
I gently released him from my hug. He opened my car's glove compartment to get the wooden ruler and came back into the treehouse.
"What if I didn't have the ruler?" I asked him.
"I would have used my bare hand," he insisted. "I feel like using the wooden ruler because you deserve a hard spanking."
He made me hold out both palms of my hands. He smacked each one with the ruler.

He loves my bare thighs. He also slapped each one with the ruler.
"Assume the position," he ordered me.
"What if I don't remember what that is?" I challenged.
"I will have to spank you even harder," he stated firmly.
I went over his knee like a good girl. We were christening the treehouse for the first time. He slapped the ruler against each buttock, which was protected by my short chambray skirt. With each slap, he told me that I was a bad girl.

He lifted up my fitted skirt and continued slapping me with the wooden ruler over my pink panties. The slaps got harder.
"You're so mean!" I said defiantly. "You are Meanie McMean," I teased.
"I am going to have to spank you even harder so that you don't sit down comfortably for a week," he told me.
The slaps got harder and rapid. It hurt. I loved it.

He then lowered my panties down and continued to spank me harder on my bare bottom.
"That hurts!" I exclaimed.
"That's the whole point," he reasoned.
It was nice that he was thoroughly enjoying spanking me. I loved every bit of it, too.

He eventually got around to pleasuring me. I came hard. It was so good.

We cleaned up. I kissed him after I got up and we cuddled.

It's always nice to have him home.


  1. Meanie McMean? Too funny, CB. Congrats on christening the clubhouse. BTW...what happened to all the wooden spoons? Thought you were going to put 2 in your car and 2 in his. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Yep! He recently visited Dublin, so he is Meanie McMean. =)

      We still have the mixing spoons, but we haven't got around to evenly distributing them in our cars. We will soon. Thank goodness I always have a wooden ruler in my glove compartment.

  2. Did I never pay attention or it this hand slapping new?


    1. You are paying excellent attention. My guy doesn't slap my hands much. When I am playfully protecting my backside with my hands when he is spanking me, he will slap them. However, it was the first time that he slapped the palms of my hands.

      I gather that our watching Fifty Shades of Grey has inspired him. I can't complain. It's fun. =)

  3. Sounds wonderful, you lucky girl.

  4. Sounds like you both had a wonderful time christening the treehouse! ;)