Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Teasing my guy to let me drive his car and getting a spanking threat

I like teasing my guy to let me drive his baby, which happens to be his car that has a manual transmission. He simply refuses to let me drive it. I am persistent, though.

On Monday, we went out for lunch. We walked over to his car. He was waiting for me to walk over to the passenger side of his car. Instead, I extended my hand out for the keys on the driver's side.
"I can drive," I said, waiting for his keys to land in the palm of my hand.
"Nice try," he said to me, smiling.
"You're so mean!"
On Tuesday, we went into a Tim Horton's store. He got a coffee and a pecan danish. He bought me a small raspberry frozen lemonade. We held hands. He was holding his car keys, too.
"I should take your keys and drive your car now," I said, playfully tugging at them.
"No, you will not. They are my keys! Take them and I will have to punish you hard."
We should go to Timmy's more often.


  1. DID you take them? It was an invitation...
    I see you driving it one day.... soon.


    1. Sadly, I didn't. My guy snatched his keys from me. He is stronger than I am.

      There is slight hope. Today, he said that I could drive it in the "distant future." I need to work on changing distant to near future!

  2. Too funny, CB. Just playing devils advocate here...How well can you drive a standard transmission? Does your guy have a 4-speed, 5-speed or 6-speed? What did you learn to drive on? You do know that some clutches catch at the very top and others catch at the very bottom don't you. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat