Saturday, May 28, 2016

Manicure and manual car

I had sent my a photo of my manicure that I got while in Anaheim to my guy the other day. I got pink nail polish. My guy wrote to me the other day and indicated that he liked it.

I have received a number of compliments on my manicure that have been mainly from women. My guy is the only exception.

He is travelling to Mexico this weekend. It will be nice to talk more with him.

Before I left for my trip, I teased him again about driving his manual car when we were going for lunch.
"I can drive your car, you know," I said to him.
"You will... in the distant future," he said, smirking.
"Distant?!" I responded.
"At least I didn't say never," he teased.
I suppose that it's a good sign. He didn't tell me no or change the subject, like he usually does. I am making progress.


  1. I actual prefer manual to autos. altho where i live it's ridiculously expensive to own a car and cabs are way cheaper if one doesn't want to bother with buses and trains (which are also very accessible). I'm glad he liked your manicure. *i haven't painted my nails in forever*

    1. In North America, manual cars are a dying breed. Most cars are automatics. I must admit that manual ones are a lot more fun to drive.

      Maybe you'll get around to painting your nails soon. I find it therapeutic!

  2. You are making progress indeed. Why do women always make nasty remarks about each others looks? Or manicure?

    Of course you looked lovely,

    1. Thanks, Han! I don't know why some women seem to enjoy making negative comments about other women and what they wear. I recently read an article about 20-something year olds women telling those in their forties how the latter should dress. Crazy!

      I like my nails. I don't exactly care what other women say about how I dress or look. I am comfortable with me and my preferences. If I feel good about myself, that's all that matters. =)

  3. I never seem to find time for a manicure and as soon as I do, I end up painting or doing something else that ruins it. LOL Oh are definitely making progress with maybe driving his car. Once he's back in town, paint your fingernails and your toenails his favorite color and then run those nails gently across him...see if that helps change his mind. ;) Good luck!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I make the time to do my nails. Sunday is my me time for that. I started getting manicures done at a salon over a year ago. I seem to have time for that when I am travelling. It's fun!

      I need to get a bottle of red nail polish. He likes Ferrari red. I need to figure out what shade of red that actually is!