Sunday, May 29, 2016

Interviews in the city where my guy resides

Friday was quite the day. My manager and I had to drive to a university about an hour away from the office.

My boss indicated that we should leave the office at 09:00 sharp. I am extremely punctual. I actually had to go upstairs to tell my manager to come downstairs to where I had parked in the lot. I was driving.

Already, we were about ten minutes late. My boss isn't the most punctual person. Add the fact that a tractor trailer decided to balance itself on a guardrail between two sets of highways (the collector and express lanes) during rush hour, which affected us, I knew that we were going to be late.

I do have a lead foot. I managed to make up some time, but we were still fifteen minutes late when you factor in parking at the university, walking over to the building that you need, registering, and settling in your new surroundings. Apparently, being fifteen minutes late wasn't too bad. According to our first intern candidate, her interview before ours was delayed by an hour.

One of our current intern students had recommended a taco place by the university. I reached out to her to get some suggestions. She did a nice job. I enjoyed the tacos. My boss is more of the buffet type. He likes volume. You don't get that at the restaurant. I am a foodie who tries anything and cannot stomach plates of food at a buffet. These tacos were tasty.

We had a surprise, unscheduled interview. As a result, our lunch was shortened. We were still running late, but all the candidates were exceptionally understanding.

We interviewed a total of five candidates. The toughest part now is selecting one from the crop. They are talented, bright, and articulate.

The drive back was decent. The last time we did it, it was stop-and-go traffic. It doesn't work well with my boss, who gets carsick easily.

Although I get along fine with my boss, he tends to be a combination of a worry wart and a whiner. It was a hot day, with temperatures easily hitting the 30-degree mark on the Celsius scale. He constantly complained about how hot it was in and out of my car. I ended up calling him crispy.

It is good that I am patient and calm. Otherwise, I would have told him to stop whining and complaining.

I thought about my guy often during this trip. The university is in the same city in which he lives. I wish that the timing were better. Both times where I have conducted on-campus interviews, my guy has been on the road. It would have been nice to have seen him for lunch or something.

Oh, well. We'll try again soon.


  1. Good thing you are patient and calm. It helps you keeping a job....

    Would have like to see the look on his face if you said: Stop whining like a little kid...


    1. I am known to be pretty direct with my comments. I decided to hold back. Concentrating on driving during rush hour is far more important than dealing with what felt like a little boy!

  2. LOL CB...good thing I wasn't with you as I would have told the boss to quit whining. I have been accused of not being respectful enough to senior management during calls...I tend to treat them as if they are a co-worker and speak my mind. :D Good luck in choosing an intern.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Maybe I should have had you in the car, so you could tell him off! =)