Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jetlag, travel, sun, and tan lines

My guy is thoughtful. He wrote me an e-mail on Monday, asking how I was. Monday was Victoria Day. Unfortunately, he had to work the holiday.

My guy doesn't do well across timezones these days. I bet that he is jetlagged. As for me, I typically do well. However, with a three-hour difference between Toronto and Los Angeles, it took me longer to flip over this time around. I don't think that my sleeping okay during my trip and then sleeping really well in my own bed when I returned home helped with my biological clock.

Needless to say, I felt pretty drained my first day back at work. Thankfully, I didn't fall asleep.

Anyway, my guy is looking forward to hearing about the various stories that I have from my trip. He likes hearing about my adventures, for I always find some humour in everything that I do. I will share a few shortly.

It's strange, but it's actually warmer in Toronto than it was in LA. I didn't spend a ton of time outdoors in the latter city. Somehow, I managed to catch some sun and have tan lines where my watch and bracelet were on my wrist.

I really should have tan lines elsewhere. However, my guy isn't available to spank me until he returns.


  1. THOSE other kinds of tan lines are really what mayters tho isnt it? Glad to hear you'll be getting some when he gets back!

    1. They matter the most! I can't wait till he returns home. =)

  2. LOL CB...So when is you're guy gonna be home to give you some of those other 'tan lines'? ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It'll be another couple of weeks, but I am patient. These tan lines are worth waiting for. =)