Monday, May 23, 2016

Laundry, paint, and cum solution

My guy and I like doing laundry. I may have to broaden this topic and say that we both like clothes.

We enjoy shopping and finding deals on clothes. A couple of weeks ago, my guy and I were driving over to our usual restaurant for lunch.
"Is that wool?" I asked him, reaching over and touching his arm.
"Yes, my blazer is wool. Unfortunately, i got paint on the sleeve," he told me, showing it.
"Oh, no. Woolly is not happy," I noted. It's another nickname, as he called himself that one day.
"I know. It's tough enough to find a brown blazer that fits me. It cost me $60 USD for this jacket," he explained, slowly starting to whine.
"It's okay. I am sure that we can remove the paint."
My guy successfully removed the paint with a special kit that we both got at Costco a while back. We had bought a huge tub of Pink Solution, which is a multi-purpose cleaner. It used to be pink, but the company removed the dye. My guy affectionately calls it cum solution, because it looks exactly like semen.

Anyway, we both enjoy doing laundry. I love hanging my clothes outside to dry when the weather is warm and nice. My guy enjoys folding laundry. He goes one step further and takes pride in ironing his shirts and pants.

We are neat, clean freaks to a certain extent. We see nothing wrong with being who we are.


  1. You two are sure a match...clean freaks...guess that's where my cousin and I part ways as I am allergic to housework, including laundry. LOL Always have something else I want to be doing. ;) Can't imagine smearing anything that looks like cum on my clothes. *snicker*

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Haha! I feel like I am allergic to work. =)

      About your last remark... cum on! Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun... lol

  2. "It looks exactly like semen". OK. The washing machine doesn't mind. Real or fake. It just does the job for you so you can have a ball with the result.

    I'm not surprised you both love to do laundry... And who cares if you do? Be yourself.

    Smile at both of you,

    (I'm with Cat about housework by the way)

    1. I suppose that housework isn't for everyone. We are neat freaks to a certain extent.

      Yes, we certainly have a ball... or two... with the result. =)