Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get a room... really! (part 3)

Sure enough, my guy came up to my cubicle to see me just before 17:00 last Monday. He needed to print out a number of documents to get across the American border and didn't have his printer settings on his laptop. I suggested that he send me his documents and I would print them out from my laptop.

I tease my guy often because he needs my help, which requires me to do more work. I say that he is slave-driving, which fits more in our role-playing scenarios than in real life. I frankly don't mind helping him out, but I like to joke and point out that he owes me something in return. He often replies by saying that he will pay me in services, which is always nice.

My guy was happy that he had all his paperwork. He told me that he had to stay at a hotel close by the airport. He would try flying out first thing the next day, which meant that he had to get up at 03:00. So, we both looked for a hotel room close by for him to stay at. He selected one across from another one that I had stayed at months ago.

He asked me out for dinner and said that I could choose the restaurant. I went with an Afghani restaurant that we both haven't been to for a while. He had to head back to the training room and asked that I stop by.

It was probably 18:30 by the time that we left work and headed in our cars to have dinner. Dinner was fabulous. My guy learned something from me. Instead of getting the huge dinner deal like he normally does, he ordered what I did, which cuts out the huge serving of rice.

We had a good conversation about our career paths. We are sort of in the same boat in the sense that we both possess the most knowledge out of our colleagues in our respective departments. It's a question of growth that we are seeking.

After dinner, my guy knew that I would probably be good at guiding us to his hotel without a GPS. I was glad that I remembered how to get there for the most part. He was impressed.

We checked him into his room. I helped him roll his laptop bag into the room. He called me sweetness, which I love.

I didn't want to stay there too long, for he had to get up early. He was tired, but wanted me to be there. He got himself ready for bed. We then got into bed and cuddled.

I enjoy caressing his head, hugging him, and kissing his forehead. He often falls asleep in my arms, which I love. He wasn't sleepy yet. Instead, he wanted me to jerk him off. It is rare these days that I make him ejaculate a couple of times in a day. He was horny, though. So, I helped him out.

We cleaned up afterward, which is the beauty of having lots of towels in a hotel room. We cuddled some more. He lightly patted my right buttock.
"That's my sore bottom," I whispered in his ear. My backside was sore from the hard spanking that I had received earlier in the day.
"I'm sorry," he said, in a relaxed voice.
"No, you're not," I stated, kissing him on his forehead again.
He held me tightly and continued to caress my buttocks, almost attempting to rub the soreness away. I was actually getting turned on. He sensed it.

He continued to play with my buttocks, to the point where he was pleasuring me. It was a well-calculated climax by him, which took me by surprise and made it even more special. I snuggled up to him for a bit afterwards.

I could tell that he was slowly drifting off to sleep. I told him that I would let me get some sleep, pulled the comforter over him, and tucked him into bed by giving him a goodnight kiss. He told me to drive safely home. I wished him sweet dreams and let myself out.

The day had an unexpected set of events for both of us. It did end nicely.


  1. I can see you needed three posts to describe it. Well you sound really peaceful and content. I love that.

    To those people who read this blog: take a look at cutibooties labels. never seen a blog where people tagged so many details in their label. Not only this post but every post. It says a lot about you CB, and only good things.
    have a nice week,


    1. Your compliments are nice. I am flattered! It just made sense to break up the day into a few posts.

      I have been told that I can be pretty detailed. I didn't notice how many labels I use until now. I have so many posts that it makes sense to sort them by keyword and it's nice reading when I feel nostalgic.