Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Intimate time in a conference room

Last Monday, I moved a number of personal items from my desk into some canvas bags and placed them in my car. We're moving offices by the end of this month, so I decided to get a head start while my guy was working on Civic Holiday.

As agreed, I met him in a conference room on the seventh floor just after 16:30. The floor was completely deserted, as expected. I had brought my short grey skirt. I decided to change out of my three-quarter-length jeans and into my skirt in this room.

I waited. I was in front of my laptop, surfing. Moments later, my guy came into the conference room and closed the door.
"Hey, you made it," I said. "Where's your laptop bag?"
"I left it in the training room," he responded. "I couldn't wait to see you."
My guy wrapped his arms around me from behind and groped my breasts. I love when he does that. He kissed the right side of my neck. It was both affectionate and passionate.

I swivelled my chair around to see him. He bend down to kiss me. The kisses were long and loving. He has the softest lips. They are wonderful to kiss. I felt like melting while gently holding his face in the palms of my hands.

My guy sat down in another office chair. We embraced for a good five minutes. It felt good. He gives the best hugs and I love being in them.

He wanted to feel my bare legs, so my right one rested across his lap. My thighs eventually parted while my guy was feeling me up, ultimately rubbing against the crotch of my lacy black panties. He caressed my right hip, noting how smooth my skin was. He had enough room to grope my right buttock, which made me instantly wet.

Moments later, I reached orgasm and came. I rested in my chair and hugged him. He was standing next to me. I reached over and put my hand on his crotch. His member was hard in his pants.

He let his hard cock out of his pants by unzipping just his pants and taking it out from his briefs. I started giving him a handjob while groping his right butt cheek, which turns me on as much as it does him.
"Can you kiss and suck me?" he asked.
"Are you sure?" I asked him, as there is a reason why I needed to make sure that he wanted it.
"Yes," he insisted.
I kissed his erect penis from the shaft all the way to its tip. I then licked the tip for a bit before I started sucking him. I could tell that he was enjoying it.

Then, the unexpected happened. His cell phone rang. It was one of his guests from his seminar. He felt obligated to answer the phone. It was funny, but the guy on the other end was asking about the other restaurant that we had recommended at lunch. I could tell that my guy wanted to get rid of that guy on the phone.
"I thought that it was something urgent," he explained, after he had hung up the phone.
"He wanted the name of the Afghani restaurant that we love?" I asked him.
"Yes. I had to quickly end the call. He was interrupting a perfectly good blowjob!"
I continued on. He was enjoying every moment of it. Normally, my guy is either lying down or reclining when I give him a blowjob. His standing up was a first.

I could tell that he was about to ejaculate. I pulled his fully erect penis out of my mouth and jerked him off. He came all over my chest and his juices oozed down the right cup of my black bra. We were both happy and dopey. We both sat down. His cock was still jutting out of his pants. I was there with cum all over me.

We went to wipe ourselves off. We talked for a bit, which my guy marvelled over the fact that I could remember when he had bought his car and his first business trip in it to Montreal.

When we decided to call it a day, he sweetly kissed me on his forehead. We both went to freshen up before we headed to our cars. My guy showed me his Magic Mount Window for his cell phone. I asked him if he could get me one. He agreed.

We both kissed. I caressed his head, which we both love. We then blew each other kisses as he drove off and I headed back to my car.

Being at the office on a holiday isn't bad at all.


  1. You naughty girl. Did I tell you about our only outdoor sex event? My loved one persuaded me to have sex in the woods. She has her own ways to do that. I was young and in love and in lust and stupid. I said yes. And when we just got going there was this huge crowd of maybe 10 people off to wander in the woods. The Netherlands is so small I should have known there was no place where we could make love undisturbed.

    Ahum. Good thing nobody threw open that conference door, CB. I am sure you look wonderful in your grey skirt.



    1. Wow, I would have been mortified to have outdoor sex with an audience! At least you can share our experience with folks like me. I will need to keep my eyes open when I visit your country someday and pay attention to such sights. =)