Saturday, August 09, 2014

Lunch and breaking on Civic Holiday at the office

Monday was Civic Holiday. I went to work to visit my guy. He had to work and had a whopping eleven people in his seminar.

Being his usual sweet self, he wrote me an e-mail, saying that one of the folks had a car, that there were ten people, and that I could skip lunch. Instead, he insisted that I see him after work.

However, an hour later, he wrote back and said that another person had joined, so he needed my transportation services. I was going to drive to work anyway, so it wasn't a huge issue.

I dropped by the training room and my guy was beaming. He introduced me and said that he was nearly wrapping up.

It takes a bit of coordination to transfer a baker's dozen of people to a restaurant. We did it. They were nice to chat with for the hour or so. The restaurant that my guy and I frequent were happy to see us. I joked to one of the nice staff there that we had brought them business on a holiday. They like the fact that we love being there and eating their yummy food dishes.

My guy was kind to pay for lunch. He does it all the time and I appreciate it. We sat down and talked as the rest of the people were paying for their lunch that they were going to expense.

I told my guy that I would hang out at my cubicle. We are moving to a new office in a few weeks, so I thought that doing a bit of packing would be good. I don't exactly have much to pack, but I do have a lot of tea at work. It would be best to bring most of my stash home.

I decided to watch some Web episodes of Live! with Kelly and Michael on my laptop. I heard the door open. I knew that it was my guy, for we were the only ones in the building who had access to the top floor.
"Hey, there!" he said to me, standing at my cubicle.
"Hey! Let me pause my show. I'm watching TV," I explained.
"It is a holiday. You can certainly do that," he said, approving my TV-watching at work, which I don't normally do.
"It's nice to see you. Are you taking a break?" I asked him.
"Yes," he replied. "I thought that I'd come up and see how good you look to me."
"You're so sweet."
"I can't wait till after work," he said, looking straight at my face, chest, and further down.
"Me, too."
"Let's try the conference room on the seventh floor," he said.
"That would be wonderful," I said.
We blew each other kisses. Unfortunately, my cubicle is by the security camera. I was sitting down, so I could discretely blow him a kiss. I then stood up and my guy walked away. He did turn around when he was just under the camera and blew me a kiss in return.

There are guys in Texas who monitor the footage from those cameras. It wouldn't be right to put on an affection show for them. That show is strictly for us.


  1. Ah, that is so sweet! You are such a nice couple. I know I say that a lot, but I really mean it. You do things for eachother and not keeping score who did what and when. That is love, CB. Real love. The unespected visit from him to you, he loves you just as much.
    It warms an old guys heart to see you like this. I love you both,


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Han. I will pass them along to my guy.

      Yes, we don't keep tabs on what we do. If we do, we are teasing each other and being playful. I never take it for granted when he buys me lunch or dinner. I always say thanks, to tell him that I appreciate him and his kind gesture. He reciprocates, too. It's all about the little things that mean a lot. He's a special guy. We have made the remark to each other that we make a good couple. We truly do complete each other. =)