Thursday, August 28, 2014

Missing a Skype text

It has been a busy couple of weeks at work. Last week consisted of packing up my desk contents into a box. We have officially moved office locations as of this Monday.

It wasn't packing my stuff that made things hectic. We also had a bigwig executive who wanted an all-employee meeting at a hotel on our last day at the office. The sad part about his talk was that he didn't use a microphone, so you couldn't hear him for at least half the time.

We also had last-team-lunch-at-the-old-office outings and such. I have spent nearly four years working in that office building. It has come to an end and a new era has begun.

I have to tack on an extra ten minutes to my commute to get to the new office. It's not bad now, but I am sure that it will feel chaotic when students go back to school next week. I am not looking forward to the new school year, but I'll be okay once I get used to the sluggish rush hour traffic again.

Last week, my guy (MG) was in India on business. Last Monday, I drove into work. It wasn't until I was in the office that I got my guy's Skype message. I wrote back to him.

We have fun exchanges, especially when we are both missing each other and are horny.
MG: Tried to call you this morning (last night your time), but you were offline. You know that you should be online all the time, right?
Me: I tend to leave home just before 08:00. Am I in trouble again? My data connection wasn't on.
MG: Your problem, not mine. And yes, you're in big trouble.
MG: I've warned you of being offline when I want you. You know what happens when you upset me this way...
Me: But, it's your fault for wanting to contact me while I am driving to work. I can't be distracted while I drive, right?
Me: I am a good girl, so I shouldn't be in trouble.
MG: You can always pull over and tend to my needs.
MG: It's never my fault.
MG: It's your fault and your bottom will get really sore when I see you.
Me: Yes, you have a point there.
Me: True, but for now, by bottom is safe from Mr Meanie.
MG: Not for too long. I'll make it really red and achy.
It's always great when we both know how to arouse each other, no matter where we are.


  1. Sounds like trouble to me, girl with the naughty name. You should practice to fall asleep on your stomach. If you are used to that it doesn't hurt so much when he's back.

    Have fun you guys,

    Aroused, bottom, busy, flight - flight? - horny - definitely!, move, office, red - red?? Lady in Red, she dances with me cheek to cheek - that red? - skype, spanking, talk, travel, want - you can put that at all posts, work (office?). Oh, CB I'm having so much fun with all those labels! ;-)

    1. I do enjoy how you have dubbed me the girl with the naughty name. It is fitting and has a nice ring to it.

      Sometimes, I lie on my stomach in bed while I am reading. My guy often will play with my backside when I am in that position, so it works both ways. =)