Friday, August 01, 2014

Kiss my butt... really!

I miss my guy. He is camping right now on his vacation.

It's funny when I have so many thoughts in my head that I want to write about throughout the day. Then, when it comes to actually sitting down to finally write a post, I don't know where to start!

My guy has always said that I am an affectionate person. I love to kiss and hug. I enjoy holding hands with my guy when we are walking to a store or into a restaurant. When we are sitting next to each other, I squeeze his thigh or I caress his back. I am a touchy-feely girl.

My guy is equally as affectionate. He will tenderly kiss my forehead now and again if he is walking by me while I am reading or watching TV. He will reach for my hand and kiss it. He loves to hold me in his arms. I love all of that.

From time to time, after a bare-bottomed spanking, he will caress my sore bottom. He will go one step further and either kiss my hip area or a bit lower. It's sweet. He is the first person who has ever done that.

I remember the first time that he kissed my backside, I smiled and was surprised simultaneously.
"You just kissed my butt," I remarked.
"Yes, I like it."
"I like it, too. That was very sweet."
It doesn't happen too often. When it does, it's meaningful and special to me. Not every guy would. Then again, I have no qualitative or quantitative data to back me up. Maybe I should consider such a study one of these days. It would be fun and fascinating, especially when my guy is a participant and skews the results!


  1. Sometimes you don't need the facts and figures to know that is feels good, CB. You are a lucky girl and it's nice you and your man are on the same wavelength to touch and feel each other. I love reading your blog, BTW.


    1. It's true. Often, how I feel takes precedence, but doing a study would be fascinating. It's funny, but my guy and I would probably do that sort of research because we are so nerdy!

      Thanks! I am glad that you keep reading along. I love reading your blog, too.