Monday, August 04, 2014

Long weekend, but not for my guy

It is a long weekend for most of us in Canada. In Ontario, we have Civic Holiday on Monday. Unfortunately, my guy does not have the day off.

He wrote to me yesterday, indicating that he is back home from his camping adventure. It sounded like he needs another vacation to recover from this vacation. I can relate, especially when you cram so many activities that you want to do that you don't feel like you have done any relaxing.

My guy has a seminar at work on Monday, which is only several hours from now. Since there aren't any restaurants open in our office area, he has to take his guest someplace for lunch. I offered to help drive some of them, as I am sure that there will be more than four people in his group. My guy's car can't hold everyone.

He told me that he looks forward to seeing me. I do, too. I can't wait to hear about his vacation adventures. He has also told me that I break up his day nicely. He enjoys eye candy now and again, especially after camping with a bunch of guys.

Yep, he's a charmer. And sweet, too.


  1. A lot of guys relax just with doing something, and it says a lot about "your guy" that he is not resting like and old guy.
    I'm sure he's glad to see you again not only after a few days with the guys, but you know that as well as I do.

    Have fun,


    1. So true! My guy is active. He's like me, where we cram so many activities while on vacation that the time just goes by too quickly. Then again, vacations always end up being that way.

      He was very happy to see me again, which is always a good feeling.