Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Spanks: Last Flings or Lessons Learned

A few weeks ago, I decided to participate in the upcoming Summer Spanks: Last Flings or Lessons Learned fun. Between September 5 and 7, I am to post a spanking-related story, poem, or whatever I am in the mood to share.

I then read the fine print after I had signed up and I need to offer an individual prize. Well, I am a huge Starbucks fan, so it is only fitting that I offer a $25 CAD gift card. It is the perfect gift, even if you aren't a coffee lover. I fit the mould in that I like coffee-flavoured drinks, but I can't do coffee with cream and sugar. Starbucks has a variety of non-coffee drinks and yummy food.

So, the tough part is trying to figure out what I plan on writing for this post. The fun part is actually being creative with the post.

I am a writer by trade. Today, I had my performance review at work. Well, my manager and I ran out of time because I had a meeting to attend. He had asked our team on Monday to spend an hour indicating how we achieved our various goals. It took me less than an hour to fill out my form and send it to him. He told me that I wrote a ton. I had to remind him that it's normal for me to write that volume in point form. He nodded in agreement.

Anyway, if you have any topics to suggest for this exciting challenge, please drop me a line!

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