Saturday, August 02, 2014

Fuzzy peach bottoms

My guy has a fuzzy backside, which I absolutely love. I can't explain exactly why I feel that way, other than the fact that he has been the first guy that I have been with who does. It's not like he is so hairy that he needs to shave his butt often, but it's fuzzy and nice to the touch.

The plain and simple answer? I find his backside cute and it turns me on.

Anyway, speaking of cute, I found this article interesting when I saw peaches in cute panties:

Image: Mashable
If you order them, they come in a lovely satiny-lined box, bottom side up, of course:

Image: Mashable
I suppose that if you don't have any peaches, you can also use nectarines and plums.

Now, I am wondering whether Victoria's Secret should get into the business of making panties for these voluptuous peaches. I think that a stern spanking with a wooden coffee stir stick would cause these peaches to bruise easily.


  1. It is so funny! I will never look at peaches the same again in the store. Easy on the spanking I would say, those a delicate. Thank you for sharing, CB.

    1. It was probably one of the more bizarre stories that I have read recently. Yes, fresh produce at the supermarket definitely has a different, delicate spin these days... LOL!