Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sugar, spice, and everything nice in our treehouse

Two Thursdays ago, my guy and I decided to have lunch at our usual restaurant. It was to the point where our usual server remembered that we had been at this restaurant for lunch daily that week, except for Tuesday.

We enjoyed lunch, each other's company, and the food, like we normally do. When we were finished eating, my guy and I headed to the front and he paid for our meal. I thanked him, as usual.

At lunch, you get these green melon candies. My guy has been cutting back on sugar, so he has been giving me his candy. The woman at the register is the nosier one out of the entire staff at the restaurant. She chimed in, whether we wanted her to be a part of our conversation or not.
"That's why he's so skinny," she said. My guy is tall and skinny for his height.
"She's skinny, too!" he exclaimed.
He is sweet that way. I am a couple of inches shorter than my guy, but we can wear each other's clothes. He fits fine in my jeans. I once wore his blazer. The length of his blazer's sleeves was fine on me. I remarked that if I didn't have breasts that I could probably button it up properly. He told me that he was glad that I had boobs.

Anyway, my guy wanted us to have some quality time after work. Once again, he'd be on the road, heading to the United States and India within the next couple of weeks. He said that he'd try to finish by 16:30.

I got a call from him at around 16:45. We'd meet at our usual spot in the treehouse.

I got there a bit later than he did. I had to change into a pair of navy shorts, which were kind of lacy. He liked them, looking at them on me as I got into the treehouse.

We kissed. It's always enjoyable. He touched my bare thighs. He didn't waste any time to take my shorts off, followed by my panties. Sure enough, he was working on me with his magical fingers, making me reach orgasm a couple of times and feel euphoric afterward. It was great and I was dopey for a while.

My guy wanted to take pictures of my giving him a handjob. He loves my hands. He finds them pretty. Of course, being dopey, it took longer for me to unlock my phone and get to my camera. Luckily, I managed to figure that out. We don't take pictures often, but we like to now and again. We both take pictures, but we don't have too many intimate ones of us.

So, it is one of those rare moments where I share a picture here, but I do like this one that he took of me unzipping his pants so that I could reach in and play with his hard cock:

Eventually, his pants and briefs came off, and my guy ejaculated all over my hand and bare thigh. My guy and I were both happy and dopey.

We rested for a bit before we chatted. My guy was flying off to the States on Monday morning. I offered to be his chauffeuse to the airport. He liked that a lot. It gives us a bit of time to kiss and hug, and I can send him properly off on his trip.


  1. What a wonderful job he has. I envy him :-) Anyway always thought that Dopey was one of Snowwhites dwarfs... Making naughty pictures. We still do that, as well, CB. Say goodbye to him at the airport he will not forget. I know from my own experience there is nothing like it to have a girl that shows you how much she loves you. you are in the air and the plane is still on the ground.
    Enjoy eachother,


    1. He likes to travel, but it makes us long to be with each other when he is gone for long periods. Luckily, Skype and e-mails help!

      Dopey is indeed a dwarf, but it also meets being on a lethargic high after we climax, so we use that word often. =)

      He does like when I drop him off at the airport. I get to pick him up from there this weekend. I can't wait!