Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Instagram conjuring up good spanking memories

I came across this photo a few weeks ago. I have been a fan of Madonna since I was a teenager. These days, I am not as much as a diehard fan as I used to be. It is probably because her last album, MDNA, didn't do much for me.

I do like Instagram. I am an avid photographer. When I travel, I either have my digital SLR or my phone with me, depending on where I am going. For concerts, I can't bring such a large camera with me. Taking pictures on my phone is fun, but the quality doesn't compare to a real camera. I digress, though.

Anyway, I follow Madonna on Instagram and liked this photo:

When she released "Hanky Panky," I loved it. I was a teenager who liked the thought of giving and receiving birthday spankings. I wanted to be spanked, but did not have anyone to confide in.

I was still in high school when "Justify My Love" came out. I didn't understand bondage completely, but have always been aroused by having my hands tied while being spanked. These days, I am fortunate to have a guy who loves to spank me and to hold my hands down while he continues to punish me.

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