Saturday, May 03, 2014

My guy is back for a bit

It has been weeks since my guy and I have seen each other. Although he is still battling depression, I continue to see signs of improvement.

He wrote to me on Sunday night. He initiated writing the e-mail, asking whether I wanted to do lunch with him on Monday. He remembered that I am in the office for the entire day on Mondays. He also said that he would call me at 12:30 pm to confirm.

They may not seem like huge details to most. They are to me. He didn't feel like writing or talking to me weeks ago. He wasn't interested in doing anything social. He wanted to be alone. He also didn't want to give me a call. He preferred to communicate with me through Skype messaging if he felt like it.

I wrote back, saying that I would meet him downstairs in the lobby. He bettered that. He was waiting for me in his car, which was just outside the main doors of our office building. It was gusty outside. I walked out of the building and felt like I was being blown away. I opened the passenger door, which seemed to just swing viciously open. Getting in his car and shutting the door felt like a chore.

He immediately placed a gift on my lap. He is thoughtful. We talked the whole way to our usual hangout -- the Chinese restaurant up the road. I admired his yellow-and-brown-striped shirt that he had bought from Costco while in St. Louis. This city is special to the both of us. It was our first trip together. It was the first time where we slept together in the same bed. It wasn't a treehouse setting when we made love. We had a lot of fun there.

We walked into the restaurant, sat down, and ordered our meals. I asked if it was okay for me to open my gifts. He got me a flat, purple wallet. I tend to like anything that is purple, but a flat wallet is nice in that it forces me to not have as many plastic cards in it. He included a slice of iced lemon pound cake from Starbucks that I love. Unfortunately, Starbucks in Canada does not offer it. As a result, it becomes an imported delicacy. He also got some nice chocolates. He is equally as sweet.

We chatted and laughed. We enjoyed teasing each other. He was in a cheerful mood. I told him that he was definitely happier than I last remember him being. He agreed.

After lunch, we headed back to his car. He was stopped in the parking lot and about to make a right turn. I remarked at how perfect his head was and wanted to caress it. He always laughs, but loves when I caress his head, especially when it has been shaved. So, he took off his hat and I indulged. He laughed, but we both know that we enjoy it. It's a sign of affection.

We made it back to work. We were both happy. All is well.

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