Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Travel, epost, and a spanking threat

I am getting back into the swing of things. I haven't written much lately. It's partly because it's difficult to write about anything when my guy hasn't been his cheerful self. Being depressed does that to anyone. He is improving, which is encouraging.

We both have been travelling these days. Yesterday, he returned from a two-week business trip in India. I took a few days off from work and went to Atlantic City. My guy can't handle the spices in various East Indian dishes. I will write about those episodes in another post.

He called me on Skype a couple of times on Sunday. I decided to sleep in, eventually waking up at 10:00. It's weird, but I must have known somehow that he had wanted to contact me.

I eventually got out of bed and walked into the den. I was logged on to Skype overnight. He said hi through a text at 10:00. He then tried again a minute before I got to my phone, wondering whether I had decided to hit a bakery early Sunday morning. It makes my day when he says hi like that. I texted him back. Moments later, we were on Skype chatting away.

His mood is a lot brighter these days. He isn't completely out of the dark, though. He told me that he wanted to delete his porn collection. I have never objected to his collection. Frankly, we often watch them together. He used to get off watching them. Being depressed, he simply doesn't care much for them and felt that deleting everything would be good.

It's kind of sad in that he first shared various videos with me when we were first dating. However, I still have fond memories of us watching them. Instead, when we are together in the same city, we watch regular movies while we cuddle together. It's not all that bad!

He asked me a work-related question just before we ended our conversation. I told him that I had forwarded an e-mail about how to get your pay stubs to automatically go to your epost account months ago. I said in an exasperated voice that I had to do more work for him and that he was too lazy to check his e-mail.
"How about I take you to lunch tomorrow, after I land at the airport and get to the office?" he asked me.
"But, you're always nice to treat me to lunch," I replied.
"How about I give you a big kiss?" he asked, upping the ante.
"Okay. But, what if I say no?"
"You can't say no. I'd have to punish you."
"We'll see. I'm safe for now."
I like when he threatens to spank me. It makes my entire day.

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