Sunday, May 25, 2014

Skype tag

It has been one of those weekends. My guy had to fly off to Croatia. He didn't tell me that he was leaving on Saturday.

He was at the office at 11:15. I wasn't there until 12:30. I did see my guy's car parked in the lot.

My guy say hi on Skype at 12:30. Our cell phones at work can no longer connect to wifi due to some extra certificates for security that none of us have. My data was turned off on my phone. Skype on my laptop is hit or miss when it comes to the LAN connection. It was miss on Saturday.

I had also accidentally left my car's key fob locked in my car. I had to call CAA to break into my car to retrieve it. I blame taking my key fob off my key chain the day before to get an oil change done, and leaving my sweatshirt in my car with the fob in its pocket as the main reason for this blunder. I immediately put the fob back on my key chain after the nice guy had unlocked my car door.

He pinged me again on Skype at at 14:30. I didn't notice until I got home at 19:30. I wrote back to him, hoping to hear from him again soon.

Today, he said hi on Skype in the afternoon after I had left Starbucks with a caffe espresso frappuccino and was on the road. I pulled over about ten minutes later and we talked. He had made it safely to Croatia.
"You aren't working overtime today, are you?" he asked me.
"I worked a couple of hours earlier today, but then decided to get some sunshine. It's 26°C right now."
"Wow, that's nice," he replied.
"Yes, it would have been even nicer with you here," I said.
"Well, you can still enjoy the day without me," he stated. "Did you go into Starbucks with a bikini on?"
"No!" I exclaimed in disgust. "That isn't my style."
"I am sure that a young girl like you walking in, showing cleavage, in a cute bikini would make many men's members hard."
It is my guy's way of telling me that he misses me. It's sweet. It's my Hallmark card from him.

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