Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Being playful and wanting to talk about sex

My guy and I can be pretty playful. It has been a while since we have been in that mode, especially on Skype.

He sent me a message on Monday at noon, asking if I was having lunch. We both know that it is rather early for me. I asked whether he had had dinner yet. He didn't, so we both suggested that we grab some food and chat later.

Now and again, I crave eating a hot dog. He tells me that I shouldn't have one, because it isn't healthy. He has a point, but I end up going into girlie mode, saying that I want a hot dog because it is yummy to eat. After all, it was 30°C outside and having a hot dog just makes sense to me.
"Enjoy dinner!" I wrote to him. "Get a hot dog or two... or more, because they are yummy."
"Noooooooooooo," he said affirmatively.
"Yessssssssssssssssssss," I wrote back, repeating his syntax.
"Yes x infinity. There, I win!" I exclaimed.
"LOL," he wrote.
"Tee hee!"
"You're funny and sweet," he stated.
"Thanks... you are, too."
I went across the street to get a veal sandwich. I never grow tired of it. I love it so much. I came back to my desk, spent half an hour working and eating, and pinged him online. He was about to head to the gym.
"Can I call you when I get back?" he asked me.
"Sure," I replied. "I'm still eating. Enjoy flexing your fine biceps!"
"=) Enjoy your lunch!"
We did manage to talk to each other at 15:00. I had to find a free boardroom first, which was an adventure!

He was chipper. He immediately started talking about sex, which he hasn't done for a while. I knew that he sounded more optimistic than he has been as of late. He is definitely coming out of his depression, but it is taking a while.

I'll write more about our chat in another post. It was nice that he suggested spanking me when he comes back.

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