Saturday, May 31, 2014

He has come (and returned, too)

Last Sunday, my guy and I engaged in phone sex. This fact would typically not be a huge newsflash. We have been doing it since we became an item.

For the past few months, my guy has been battling depression. He has always felt bad that my needs were not being satisfied because he simply didn't feel like doing much.

As of late, he has been pleasuring me, but he doesn't feel like my reciprocating is needed.
"Do you want to climax today?" he asked me over Skype.
"It would be nice, but it's not fun if you don't with me," I replied.
"Maybe we should both try," he said, which got my attention.
"Do you really want to today? You don't have to, unless you truly want to."
"I think that I can. Let's try."
It didn't take long for both of us. He is back.

For me to reach orgasm consisted of him telling me that he would spank me for being so bad for weeks. He ejaculated when I told him that I wanted to suck him and play with his balls simultaneously.

He's definitely on the mend. It's nice to welcome him back.


  1. I was in a relationship that separated us frequently and experienced the same hesitancy by my baby girl to cum unless I was cumming also. In fact, she loved making me cum, but wasn't that interested in me making her cum. She said it just wasn't the same as being with me. She is not a person who masturbates much when she's single, so I wasn't offended by her hesitancy, especially considering she was very eager to make me cum via Skype (in fact, she wanted to do it nightly). That all changed when she did something very naughty during a three week separation and I made her spank herself. I'd always thought making her spank herself was kind of silly, but believe me when I say it wasn't silly at all and it made the occasional long-distance thing much, much more bearable. It's actually a very good story, but I won't hijack your blog telling it. You might consider this an option for you and your guy. If done right, it can be very sexy, fulfilling and effective.

    1. Thanks for writing and for sharing what works for you both. I used to spank myself when I was either single or away from my ex-husband. However, with my guy, I have rarely done it. Perhaps I should do it again and experiment.

      Thanks again for the suggestion and for reminding me about self-spankings!