Sunday, May 11, 2014

Packing, kissing, and fondling

This post is a continuation of my last one.

After my guy's session was over, the seminar group wanted to take pictures, to commemorate their time. I offered to take pictures of the entire group.

One of the folks had a Samsung Galaxy phone. I can't recall whether it was the S3 or S4. I have fiddled around with the former that I knew my way around it. Her phone felt different, so it could have been the latter model.

Anyway, I snapped one picture of the group and wanted to take another. Her phone froze. I literally had to quit the camera application and relaunch it. My guy was impressed that I had figured it out. He told me later that he would have panicked.

I got a rather older camera model from another person. He thought that I may have trouble with it, but I was okay with taking the group photo. He seemed impressed with me.

It was my guy's camera that caused me some problems. First, it was in video mode. Second, it is such a tiny camera. I have no idea how he can take pictures with it, because my hands seem so large trying to hold it. My guy's hands are even larger than mine. Eventually, I got around to snapping the picture.

As a group, we said goodbye to one another. My guy and I then went up to his cubicle. We are moving to a new building in a few months. My guy decided to gradually move some of his stuff home.

We talked as he packed away various items. We both realized how many gifts we give each other. He had bought me gifts from Madrid and remembered to give them to me. Two were purple-coloured items. The first was a purple case for my phone that was shaped as a cassette tape. I loved it. I immediately installed it on my phone. The other was a purple change purse that was made of silicone. It was pretty.

My guy started to offload gifts. He had a nice marble figurine of an elephant from a previous trip to India. The top part of it has broke off, and he was reluctant to give it to me. There was a baby elephant inside the mother. It was sweet. He also fed me chocolate.

He looked at me. We were both standing up. We hugged. I caressed his head. He looked around and wondered whether there were any new cameras installed.

We walked over to the nearest conference room and closed the door. We hugged some more. We kissed, which meant a lot and felt so good. He groped my buttocks and rubbed his crotch against mine.

He played with my sweater. He moved it off to one shoulder, which revealed my black bra strap. He thought that I looked so good to him.

He gently guided me to the wall and had me lean against it. He unbuttoned my jeans and fondled my crotch area. He couldn't resist and fingered me. It felt so good. It had been such a long time since he made me climax. I did. I hugged him and told him that I loved him. He told me so sweetly that I was his loveable girl.

He wasn't done. He decided to finger my backdoor, too. It was quite the moment. I felt relaxed and happy. I zipped up my pants once I had enough strength to do it. He stared at me for the longest time and said that I looked really good.

We cleaned ourselves up and came back to his desk. I saw him pack some more stuff up before we left.

He reassured me that we'd talk on Skype while he was away for the next two weeks. I wished him a safe trip.

It was indeed a Good Friday.

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