Thursday, May 15, 2014

Downstairs... or downstairs?

This past Monday was a day that I didn't dread. My guy was in the office. I was, too. We both like Mondays when we are both at the office. My guy confided in me at lunch time that he was thrilled to see my car in the parking lot when he got to the office by 09:20.

At 12:30, I got a predictable call from my guy. He had a cheerful tone to his voice. We both sounded cheerful, likely because we were both happy to hear each other on the phone.

My guy said that he would be waiting for me in his car. He is such a gentleman. He insists on driving me to and from places.

I got in his car and noticed how quiet his car was, as opposed to the last time that I was a passenger in it. He told me that his mechanic had adjusted a few belts.

I reached for my guy's hand. I missed touching him and missed his touch. He looked content holding my hand.

My guy had to stop at the bank to withdraw some money. I asked whether I could drive his car. He shook his head to indicate that I should be a good girl.

Several months ago, I endearingly called him Cheap Bastard. My guy is frugal. It was funny that he referred to himself as that -- yep, in third person.

I had finally remembered to bring his gift with me. I had visited Atlantic City for a few days weeks ago and ended up at an outlet mall. My guy has a nice selection of brown shirts, thanks to my stumbling on a store that has nice shirt and carries brown ones. Well, I went back to this store and found a brown-and-white-striped shirt. It was different. I had to get it for him.

We were parked in the lot. My guy asked if he could have his present. He had asked me what I had got him earlier. I said that I had got him stuff. He proceeded to ask me how many gifts I had for him. Well, it was just one item, but two items if you count the paper bag.

My guy playfully grabbed my left nipple and played with it. I liked that. It has been a while. I gave him his present. He loved his new shirt. He observed the buttons on the collar, the left pocket, the regular fit, and how different the stripes were. He loved it all. I was so pleased at how happy he was with his new shirt.

We got the restaurant and ordered food. We talked and laughed. It seemed like little time had passed between us. I ordered my usual chicken chow mein dish. He went for the teriyaki chicken dish that he loves so much.

After we were done eating, my guy asked me if I wanted to go downstairs with him. Downstairs at this restaurant is where the restrooms are. It is also where we have enjoyed tucking ourselves in a small corridor to make out and more in the past. I knew that he was in a better mood these days. I said that it was good.

We both went downstairs. We kissed. It has been ages since we kissed that passionately. I got to caress his head and wrap my arms around him. He hugged me, groped my buttocks, and then played with my crotch. I had missed his touch.
"I wish that I could spank you properly," he whispered in my ear.
Just that statement alone got me aroused instantly. He played with me until I came. I felt dopey. I hugged and thanked him.
"Can you carry me upstairs now?" I asked, in a little girl's voice. 
He adjusted my pants and make sure that I was okay. We then went upstairs together.

My guy paid for lunch. I thanked him, as usual. He doesn't mind treating me to lunch. He always tells me that he enjoys my company.

We got in his car and headed back to the office. I couldn't help but to caress his head while stopped at a stop light.
"I need a replica of your perfectly shaped head, so that I can caress it while you are away," I said.
"We can have that done," he stated confidently.
"We need one that talks like you. Maybe I can program your replica to get me a hot dog, because the real you won't get me one."
My guy slapped the side of my left thigh a few times and told me that I was a bad girl. He hasn't done that to me for a while. I liked that a lot. So did he.

It was a perfect day.

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