Friday, May 30, 2014

May here and practically gone... bring on June and even more blogging!

It's nearly the end of May. What on Earth happened to this month?! Working overtime has definitely seen this month blow by. I have already accumulated four full days that I will be using in lieu of vacation days.

June is just around the corner. I am crazy enough to have signed up for the Spanking A to Z Blog Challenge. I have been preparing for it. I have blogged more this month than I have in any month so far this year.

Can I hit 26 posts in a month? I will certainly try my best. Blogging relieves a lot of my stress. It's funny, but I write for a living, which I enjoy. However, my job can be stressful. I like unwinding, and blogging about anything that comes to mind or my experiences, as you have been reading along here, makes me happy.

So, I hope that you will read along in June. I could use the support and encouragement!

I was going to blog about my chat with my guy the other day, but the excitement about this challenge made me want to write about it first. I will do that post soon, I promise. After all, I do have 26 shots at posting it. =)

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