Sunday, May 18, 2014

Good morning call and aftermath chat about my rear end

On Friday, my guy did the sweetest thing. To most, it wouldn't be a huge deal. It was to me.

I tend to get to the office by 08:30 when I am there in the mornings. I got a call at 09:05 from my guy, who was in the training room. He has never done that before.

The fact that my car was obviously in the parking lot tends to put him at ease and makes him happy. I noticed that he was in the office earlier than usual. He told me that he stayed at his friend's place overnight, which is closer to work than if he drove from his place. It also helped that many folks took Friday off, kicking off the long holiday weekend here, and made the morning drive to work a lot easier.
"Did you get enough beauty sleep? Well, you don't really need any. You're fine," I said to him.
"I woke up at my regular time of 07:00," he replied. I could tell that he was smiling, judging by the cheerful tone of his voice.
We talked some more. I am not sure exactly what we were talking about.
"Maybe I should flash them, to make the seminar is interesting," he said.
"Well, if you did that to me, I'd be very happy. However, to your attendees, you may not have a job after that," I explained.
"Are you by yourself upstairs?" he asked me.
"Nope," I said.
"Shouldn't you be careful about what you're saying?" he said, in his usual paranoid way when it comes to our private conversations in the workplace.
"Don't worry. All is fine."
"I do worry," he admitted.
"I know you do. It's okay."
My guy wished me a good day and said that he wanted to say good morning to me. I am glad that he did. I said that we'd talk later.

At lunch, he called me. He was waiting in his car in front of our office building. Minutes later, I waved to him while walking to his car and then got in.

I reassured him that all was okay with our conversation this morning. My colleague actually thought that I was talking to our other writer. My guy was fine after that statement, as I am comfortable talking to anyone.
"How's your rear end?" my guy asked, referring to our flogging session the other day.
"It's good now," I said. "The pain was immediate, lasted for a few hours, left some marks, but went away faster than I had thought it would. When you spank me hard, that pain lingers for a day or so. It's good. We should do it again."
"Sounds good," he said, smiling at me. "I was worried about you."
It's great that he's my best friend, my lover, and my disciplinarian. It all works nicely.

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