Thursday, May 22, 2014

Maks and my guy... are they related affection-wise?

I don't normally watch Dancing with the Stars, except when it's near the end of the season. This season, I didn't watch a single show.

I do watch Live! with Kelly and Michael religiously, though. The winners and runners-up were on the show on Wednesday. Maks reminds me of my guy when it comes to affection.

Although Maks and Meryl have not said in public that they are an item, the affection that they show each other is sweet.

Maks kisses Meryl's hand a couple of times. He sweetly kisses her head, which I love when my guy does that. Maks wraps his arms around her from behind like my guy does with me. I end up touching his arms, which Meryl does with Maks.

The sweetest part? Maks is asked to take his shirt off in front of the audience. My guy would never do that! Maks asks Meryl if it would be okay. She gives him the nod -- permission -- and he does. My guy always asks if it is okay with me before he does something.

I wonder whether Maks and my guy are related. Well, maybe not... my guy doesn't have any tattoos and doesn't dance. That's okay by me. He's sweet to me and that's what counts.

I miss him. Just over two weeks seems like a long time before I see him.

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