Saturday, May 24, 2014

Slapping before drinking

I was just looking at some past posts that I had written. If you look at my archived posts, I didn't write anything in 2010. That year was hectic. I was wrapping up my graduate degree. I was going through a divorce. I simply didn't have anything interesting to say because spanking was on hold in my life.

Well, in 2011, I attended my graduation by flying to Atlanta, and then driving 1.5 hours south to get to the university campus. I stayed at my fellow graduate's home for the entire weekend. It was wonderful.

I was the oddball out of the entire group. I was the only straight person out of all of us. I didn't feel weird or anything -- just an observation.

We had been friends for three years. Graduate school brought us a lot closer. I remember the three of us (one guy, who just got married a few weeks ago) sitting on her couch and saying that if we all lived in the same city, that we would hang out often. I would have to agree. Thankfully, Facebook keeps us in touch.

Anyway, during our graduation weekend, we were all drinking. My friend was saying that it was a custom for her to slap a woman's butt before a drinking session, but she wasn't sure whether I would like that. I was exempted from this ritual. Little did she know what a huge turn-on that was for me then and still is!

She did land a few hard smacks across her girlfriend's bottom. I loved observing. I was secretly getting wet and aroused.

I should visit them again. Perhaps I should be a participant on the receiving end this time around.

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