Thursday, April 23, 2020

My intern's final week at our workplace and during a pandemic

This week is my intern's final week at my workplace. It's odd that I cannot wish him a proper farewell during a pandemic.

I normally get a small gift as a token of my appreciation for all the hard work that each intern brings. This intern, in particular, has been outstanding. We share a love for food and get along well.

As a team, we send each intern off with a farewell lunch. I have told him that we'll have a deferred one for him once we are able to socialize again.

Last night, I sent him an e-gift card. It seems informal, but I wrote a personalized message. It's better than doing absolutely nothing.

Luckily, we get to talk tomorrow. We have exchanged cell phone numbers, so we'll keep in touch.

I'm not sure how my team will manage without him. He has played such an important part of our team that the void will be difficult to fill, especially when we can't backfill his role.


  1. Why can't you keep him on for a while or is he an unpaid/ low paid intern? Seems a shame for him to end up with no job.
    Thinking another way - fantasy land - did you have to spank him to keep him in line?

    1. Our company is odd that it imposes hiring freezes. So, extending an intern's work term is tricky. It seems odd to have good help walk out the door.

      There is good news about the situation, which is in my latest post.

      I've never fantasized about spanking him. We get along so well that it has never been a thought, but I like your thinking!

  2. I'm sure he understands the situation and is glad for the gift card as a token of appreciation. Often its really the thought that counts.

    Hopefully you'll stay in touch and can have that lunch once the lockdown is lifted!

    1. You're right. He is very understanding and was appreciative of everything, including the gift card.

      There is good news to this story. Here's hoping that we can have that farewell lunch when it's safe to socialize!