Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Losing track of days, except for Wednesdays and Saturdays

I have been losing track of the days since I have been working and staying at home. I realized on Monday that Good Friday is coming up.

It's Easter this weekend. Wow!

Luckily, I do know when it's Wednesday and Saturday each week. I go out to get groceries and more those days.

I'm still working on my drawer organization. I need to deal with my pajamas next. I'm not thrilled with a lot of them, so I'll end up donating many.


  1. Yes it is hard to keep track of the days during lockdown. Hope you get some nice new clothes on the internet after your spring clean sort out.
    Maybe if you spend too much you can give yourself a spanking.

    1. I do enjoy sorting my socks, panties, and pajamas these days. I have my clothes closet to do next!

      I like the thought of buying an item of clothing and giving myself a spanking for causing more organizational work.