Saturday, April 25, 2020

Still reorganizing, and discovering my love for lacy panties and bras

I am still in reorganizational mode at home. Later on today, I am picking up a few storage cube organizers. I am enjoying the process of getting rid of items that I don't need or use, while reorganizing what I want to keep.

A couple of hours ago, I found some pretty lacy bras. I had completely forgotten that I had purchased them. At this rate, I won't need to buy bras for a few years.

Some women like a matching set of bras and panties. I have never been that way. As long as they look pretty and I feel good in them, they make me happy.

In the past, guys have enjoyed my wearing black bras and panties. The colour matches my hair. I feel sexy in them.

I haven't wore a black bra for a while. I should. I do wear black panties far more often. I love lacy panties. They are surprisingly comfortable.


  1. I am sure you look very cute in lace. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thanks, Michael! Lace and I get along. Hope you're having a great weekend, too.

  2. I like the idea of matching sets but have never been successful at wearing them together. Sometimes the cut / style of one or the other just doesn't feel right for a particular outfit / day / level of bloatedness.

    Funny, my regular day to day bras are a slightly lacy black style that I think I would die without. Or at least, be highly inconvenienced if they were to be discontinued. Luckily for me it seems to be a regular / staple at the store I bought them from.

    1. I like how pretty a matching bra and panties look. I'm just not the matchy-matchy type, I guess. You're right about whether they go or feel right with an outfit.

      That's great that your daily bras have some lace. Sadly, mine don't! I'll need to look into that.