Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Self-isolation and debt improvement

I am fortunate to be able to work from home and get paid. The shift from working a couple of days a week to every week at home isn't a huge deal for me.

However, what I have noticed is that I am saving money. As a result, it is helping me pay off my debt. I am in better financial shape at this point than I had predicted.

My commute is roughly 50 km in one direction. I used to fill my car's tank with gas each week. I do it once a month now. With gas prices being low these days, I have been saving roughly $160.

These days, I make most of my meals at home. I go out two times a week to get groceries and takeout. I don't eat out as much. I don't go to Starbucks as frequently as I used to. Again, I save more money.

I haven't travelled in over a month. I don't have airfare, hotel, or car rental bills to pay off.

A while back, I pointed out that I was doing well paying off my debt. Well, I am nearly done paying off another credit card. I will be down to two active credit cards. I will be keeping both of them, but one will sit there as a backup. The reason for keeping it is that I've been a customer for well over a decade with this credit card company. It looks good on my credit report if I continue having it. It's not my favourite credit card, so that's another reason why I am not tempted to use it.

Things are looking up financially for me. It has been a lot of hard work to get to this stage. Sticking with a budget helps. Being isolated at home is another method that has helped, which I didn't expect as a benefit.


  1. Well done with the debt restructuring. Did that creep from the USA with the digger business give you your money back?

    1. Thanks, Michael!

      Nope, the deadbeat hasn't. He was having money problems again and asked me for more money. I said no. He has yet to pay me back. His contract is odd in that he is responsible when it comes to fixing faulty equipment and paying workers. So, the second money request was for the latter. The money that I had lent him was to fix the faulty equipment.

      Although it would be nice if he paid me back, he can't go back to work due to this pandemic. His stalker-like tendencies make me think that not getting payment would be better. I don't want any further interaction from him. I'd consider the money lost to be a good deed.

      One of these days, I'll write more about the jerk.