Saturday, April 18, 2020

The weekend and change

I am thrilled that it's the weekend. Friday was busy work-wise. I managed to train someone on a major task that my entire team has handled for years. Frankly, I have done this task since I joined this company.

I am happy to hand this task over to another colleague in an entirely different department. The problem? My manager has difficulty letting go.

When this change was proposed by another manager, he asked me for my opinion. I said that other units across the company do not have folks like me do this task. We should follow suit. I personally do way too much work and would be more than happy to stop working on this specific task.

My manager was adamant that we should maintain it. Well, we went into a meeting and he completely caved. He definitely does not have a backbone.

Recently, a project manager created a transition plan. He wrote to me and suggested that we delay the handover until we are "back in the office." I had to level with him and say that this pandemic could last longer than a couple of months, which is what he thinks. So, I went ahead with training the woman who will take over for me.

I do enjoy training people. I like creating training materials. I feel that I am good explaining concepts. I also have the patience.

It's just a shame that I have a manager who doesn't seem to get with the program. Oh, well.

It's the weekend. It means that I do grocery shopping later on today.

Stay safe and have a good one!


  1. Well done for the project handover. Hope the spanking is enjoyable.

    1. Thanks! More on the spanking in a future post.