Monday, April 27, 2020

Assembling cube storage, being achy, and releasing the hold on items

On Sunday, I did a fair amount of work at home. I put together some cube shelving, which has made a huge difference. I decided to order more cube storage shortly after putting it together and organizing my stuff in it.

Yesterday was the last day of this sale on cube storage. It's 40% off. There is curbside pickup, which worked wonders on Saturday.

Unfortunately, my arms are achy from all that assembly. It's almost as if I need a longer weekend to recover from all this fine work!

Although I'm achy, I liked doing my own thing and decluttering. I have had iPod cases that don't fit any iPods that I have owned in the past. I looked at empty boxes that do not need to be kept. It has been a therapeutic process in getting rid of stuff that I need to let go of.

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