Monday, June 17, 2019

Sick, missing, and tired

I am still sick. I will likely take a sick day from work today. Currently, my nose is stuffed up, I'm tired, and I have a slight cough.

Being sick makes me think more about my guy breaking up with me. I miss what we had. I don't miss being hurt, as I'm already there.

He just sent me a video to watch. In his own way, he misses me. It makes me even more upset that he is perfectly fine carrying on. I can't do that. I need time to grieve. He isn't in tune with his emotions as much as I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Although I have moments of sadness, I cannot sob in despair like I did the two previous times that he broke up with me. It's that inner strength this time that demands being treated better. It is his loss. I simply need to move on. It will happen with time.

I took naps throughout the day on Sunday. I felt better after each nap, but I am tired. I believe that I have earned a sick day to shake this cold off and heal from this breakup.


  1. Cutie:

    Take it from an old man who has been down a similar path on too many occasions. You are a girl, so go ahead and cry and grieve. Give it time and get it out of your system. As I said, you are a girl, so you are entitled. But after sufficient passage, lift your head up, give the world a smile, and then pursue your desires with both passion and vengeance. Trust me, this will pass and you will prevail.


    1. Thanks, Rick. I look forward to that day when I can move on. I'm starting my fourth week since this news broke. I'm letting time help out with healing, along with keeping busy and taking care of myself.