Monday, July 26, 2021

My spider plant and an online concert

On Sunday, I went out. It was a rare outing, but I hit a farmers' market to pick up a free plant.

I enjoyed hitting the market. I ended up buying some cool items, such as lemon shortbread and blackcurrant kombucha.

My new plant is a spider plant. I feel like naming it Spike. I have never owned a spider plant in my life until now.

I'm watching a concert online. It's still going and it's nearly 1 am. Thank goodness I'm a night owl.


  1. Spike sounds like a great name! Mum used to have some spider plants in her old place. Sadly the one that I had didn't make it. :(
    Glad you enjoyed the online concert!

    1. Spike is doing well. I need to get a new flower pot for him.

      I recently got a tropical plant and it didn't make it. Sometimes, that happens!