Saturday, January 18, 2014

My cute, dopey guy

On Thursday, my guy and I had a training seminar to attend at 13:00. We wanted to have some quality time, but he couldn't stay after work. Instead, we moved it up to 11:00.

The problem with having quality time in the treehouse at that hour is that my guy gets extremely dopey after he gets off, to the point where he just wants to sleep for the entire day.

He told me recently that no one has ever called him cute, except me. After I had jerked him off and he had successfully ejaculated all over my right hand, we wiped up, and then cuddled as he napped.

It was sweet seeing how dopey he was, and how he had to put some effort into pulling up his pants and underwear in three phases. At one point, he had to reach over the passenger seat to get his hat. He was so tired, that he was slumped over the seat.
"I need to rest," he said, looking like he needed to drift asleep.
He looked so cute that I was compelled to hug him.

He did manage to scrape up some energy to drive over to our regular restaurant for lunch. He was hungry. I did most of the chatting. It was good to see him again and to spend some time together.

We headed to the office for our 1.5-hour training seminar. As expected, my guy fell asleep three times. I smiled at him. It is rare that we both attend the same course together.

Luckily, he is in the office all week next week, so we'll have more time together. Although he was dopey and sleepy, he was happy. He was like almost half of the seven dwarfs rolled up into one guy, except that he's tall.

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