Friday, January 24, 2014

Trying to make up for lost time and weirdness

It has been an odd week. My guy and I have seen each other as often as we can. However, we haven't had much quality time.

On Monday, we had lunch together. My guy was fighting another cold. On a good note, his cold was on its way out. We are similar in that we don't want to give our sick germs to each other. So, there wasn't any quality time that day. However, it was nice that he fetched me from my cubicle at work, we walked downstairs together, he got his coat, and he drove us to and from the restaurant. It was a nice lunch date.

He tells me that I'm affectionate. I have noticed lately that I do tend to initiate holding hands. I like doing that when we're driving or walking. I reach for his hand across a restaurant table. A couple of days ago, he was at my cubicle, leaning against one of the walls. I went to grab his hand. We held hands for the longest time. It was nice.

We tend not to show affection in the office. We both believe that we should give the impression that we're professional, civilized employees. My guy surprised me the other day.

On Wednesday, I had put in an eleven-hour workday. I was happy to pack up and leave. My guy and I walked to the elevators. Waiting there were three other colleagues.

The elevator came and we all entered. My guy and I stood next to each other at the back of the elevator. My guy reached for my hand. We held hands discretely. I told him yesterday that it was nice. He liked that, too.

Today, my guy and I had lunch at our usual restaurant. He was late and was not having a good day. He had left his wallet at home. Essentially, he was driving without his licence and didn't have any money. I was fine with paying for lunch.

The food and conversation were delightful, as always. We looked at each other lovingly. He was horny. I was, too. We had a quick meeting.

We drove to our usual spot and we both hopped into my car's backseat. He pleasured me. I was so wet and aroused that I practically came immediately after we had kissed passionately for a bit.

We had one of the best tender, hugs in a long time. I love being in his arms. He knows that I love cuddling. We were in each other's arms for a good five minutes and it felt so good.

I managed to give my guy a handjob. His penis was extremely erect. I told my guy that I should have business cards where he could just call me whenever he wanted a handjob or blowjob, or to simply spank me. He ejaculated quickly. There was a lot of semen. I referred to today's handjob as the fountain of cum.

My guy is away on business for the next couple of weeks. Although I don't come into the office on Fridays these days, I asked if we could meet after work this Friday. He agreed. We didn't need to say that we wanted to spend more time together. We just knew that we need each other and need to.

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