Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sick, sleepy, and tired - struggling to stay awake to hear your voice

As of late, I haven't been writing as much as I'd like. I don't think that having a sore throat and feeling like I am coming down with a cold is helpful. Mind you, considering that work continues to be busy and is stressful as of late, it makes sense that my immune system would break down a bit.

My guy told me that he was in New Jersey for a day business trip. He had a fairly long day getting there, mainly because snow and flying on a plane through it don't mix.

He was sweet to have read an e-mail that I had written to him. I was about to hit the shower when I got a text message from him.

I asked him if he was going to be up for a bit. He wasn't and told me that he was beat. He just wanted to hear my voice and to say goodnight.

I was literally about to get into the shower. I didn't have any clothes on. I sent him a couple of sad faces. I wanted to talk to him, but I was cold from standing there without any clothes. I wished him goodnight and hit the shower.

My guy can be fairly stubborn. He sensed that I was upset, but I knew that he was tired. He still said goodnight. In the past, that would be it from him. I wouldn't hear from him. His decision would be final.

I feel like we know each other so well these days. After I had finished showering, I texted him back, explaining why I hadn't answered. I really needed to take a shower. It makes me less congested with all the steam opening up my sinuses.

He came back online. He wanted to hear my voice and to hear how my day went. He wanted to tell me about his. So, we hit Skype and chatted briefly. It was great to hear him. I needed to hear his voice. I wanted him to tell me everything about his day.

He told me that he had rented a Prius, which is the car that I own. He complains that the stick shift is too dinky. I agree, but I save a ton on gas a year. He admitted that it's a good car.

I wished him a proper goodnight. It's worth it to be able to hear you loved one's voice, no matter how tired or sick you are.

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