Thursday, January 09, 2014

I love this past Monday

Some Mondays are better than others. This past Monday was one of those better ones.

My guy and I hadn't seen each other for five weeks. He was away on business for three weeks. Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year's Day also prevented us from spending time together.

We ended our drought this past Monday. It was about time!

Some of the highlights included the following:

  • Meeting at our usual restaurant by our workplace. I sat in my car and my guy came over. I rolled down my window. We kissed for a very long time.
  • Having my guy compliment me on my new haircut and my liking how happy he was to see me.
  • Chatting and lovingly looking at each other over lunch.
  • Heading back to the office, getting into an empty elevator, and kissing and groping each other as we ascended.
  • Attending my guy's afternoon session with clients, and sneaking in the occasional kiss and wink to each other.
  • Taking a break in the lunch room and managing to caress my guy's head.
  • Leaving work just before 17:00 to have some quality time in the treehouse (my car).
  • Exchanging gifts that we got each other from Istanbul (my guy) and London (me).
  • Being asked by my guy if he could kiss me because he loves me.
  • Being in each other's arms and holding hands.
  • Having my guy kiss me for each gift that I got him (five).
  • Playfully questioning why my guy wanted to kiss me so much that cause my going over his lap for a spanking (over my pants), followed by getting my pants and panties pulled down for a hard bare-bottomed spanking with his hand.
  • Having him sweetly kiss my backside after being spanked.
  • Being fingered and reaching orgasm.
  • Giving my guy a blowjob and having him ejaculate all over my hand.
  • Kissing some more before saying goodnight.
I'll try and elaborate more in future posts. It simply was a special first day back at work for both of us.

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